NAYBA's Annual Report Is Available Now!

Read about our 2020-2021 goals and achievements.

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How NAYBA helps churches transform communities
A simple way to start your transformation journey.
How replicating helps church projects be a success 
Replicating isn’t simply copying an idea – it is implementing an effective programme
Meet our first Global Replicate Catalyst
We have created an exciting new role, Global Replicate Catalyst
‘Transformation course can give the Church direction’
Pastor Andy Searles tells us why he enjoyed the Transformation course
3 Ways To Start Transforming Your Community
Churches are perfectly placed to meet local needs.
The Church’s Mordecai Moment
God created the church for such a time as this.
See Your Potential
Seeing (and using) your God-given potential.
Inspiring the Enterprise Dream
We need to find those who are waiting to be helped.

Explore Our Resources

The Spirit Of Enterprise
A workbook for faith-inspired entrepreneurs
The Beehive
Helping the church create a visible community presence.
Listening Hubs
Helping churches provide safe places in the community.
Guernsey Welfare Centre
Creating a hospitality and refuge venue for those in need.
De Rustplek
The Resting Place - temporary shelter in homes.
Helping churches address mental health needs in their community.
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