NAYBA™ Becomes The New Name Of Cinnamon Network International


Cinnamon Network International has changed its name to NAYBA™ in a move to double-down on its efforts to help churches reach their neighbourhoods.

At significant moments, God is in the habit of changing names of people and places when he is about to do something fresh. NAYBA founder, Matt Bird, explains, “The global church is facing an historic inflection point in the opportunity to be Christ in the midst of this crisis.”

“Our global family has chosen a name which we believe will mark a new era of our impact and enable us to easily talk about Jesus and the heart of our mission to help local churches transform their communities”

The name ’NAYBA’ derives from the Belize Kriol language of Central America. It is the word used in the Belize Kriol Bible when Jesus said, ‘Luv yu NAYBA sayhn laik how yu luv yuself’ meaning love your NEIGHBOUR as yourself. (Matthew 19:19)

NAYBA will be helping the global Church double-down on its mission to love their neighbour by increasing the assistance it offers through its three core programmes:

NAYBA Replicate helps churches to discern what Jesus wants them to do in their neighbourhood and replicate tried-and-tested community projects.

NAYBA Civic helps churches to measure their collective impact in a local government area in order to strengthen transformational civic partnerships.

NAYBA Enterprise helps churches create jobs to combat financial poverty and improve Wellbeing and mental health in their neighbourhoods

Cinnamon Network was founded by Matt Bird in 2010 and has since gone on to help thousands of churches in dozens of countries to have a greater impact in their communities.

Commenting on the name change, Matt Bird said: “Cinnamon Network International derived its name from the London restaurant in which the first meetings were held. It has served us well, but we believe that, to be ready to respond to this new chapter of global need, a name that reflects our mission was necessary.”

The change to NAYBA™ represents a new name and a renewed passion but the same mission.

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