‘Transformation course can give the Church direction’

Matt Bird

“The Church is at a crossroads right now and this course and book can give it direction,” says Florida-based pastor Andy Searles.

Andy, who is Lead Pastor of Church Together, recently took part in the NAYBA Transformation Course. Along with the book, it captures more than a decade of hands-on experience helping local churches transform their communities.

After taking part, Andy believes that Transformation and the eBook Transform, which accompanies the course, is not only useful, it’s timely.

“It’s a timely book and study because of the times we’re living in. Speaking from an American context, it seems to me that the Church is at a crossroads. Its members need to figure out who we are, what they are doing and what good do they want to do collectively,” explains Andy, who is also a chaplain for a local soccer team and a local police department.

He continues, “I am excited about the direction the course and book will give us. It will give us a common language and understanding. There are a lot of good things going on in the Church right now that those outside are not seeing.

“I think the course and book will help us communicate with the outside world and what we’re doing to make a tangible difference. This will help us define and communicate the tangible differences we make.”

It’s not only the difference the Transformation course can make to his own church that excites Andy. He was also able to identify areas where he could share ideas with neighbouring churches.

He says, “One of my favourite components was listening to stories around each principle from different contexts and countries. I was listening and thinking, ‘yes that would work in my local police department.’

“There were other stories where I didn’t think it would work for our church but it could help another church down the road. I was thinking, ‘that would be the perfect project for them.’ And I was then thinking about how I could connect the two. It is stimulating and not just in grounding in the ministry we do, but also expressing the ministry in ideas.”

Andy also shared the course with two or three leaders in his church and other local churches. “As we meet together and partner locally, we will be stimulated in the same direction. The easy access of the book and course is also very helpful for bringing people and groups together.”

Andy also praised the Transform book, which he says helped him recognise that the Church across the world shared the same language.

“As the book shares the stories and principles, it gives a common language globally. Having a shared language is going to be a wonderful tool to bring lots of moves of God together in lots of different communities around the world to make a big difference globally. The potential is limitless.”

To take part in the free course or to buy the book, visit https://cinnamonnetwork.com/courses/transform/

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