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Channel Islands

Channel Islands

Helping Churches Transform Neighbourhoods

NAYBA Channel Islands activates and resources churches to better love their neighbours and transform their neighbourhoods.

We help local churches to replicate best-practice community projects, measure social impact and providing sustainable solutions to poverty.

How we help...
Guernsey Welfare Centre
Creating a hospitality and refuge venue for those in need.
A book dedicated to helping your church community project multiply.
A book to help churches transform their communities.
The Spirit Of Enterprise
A workbook for faith-inspired entrepreneurs
Our Current Focus

NAYBA Prayer Breakfast

The NAYBA Civic Prayer Breakfast model is a way of churches working together to build relationships with civic leaders and pray for the wellbeing of the community.

We have developed tools and resources to help the church design, host and invite leaders from all sectors of a community to an engaging and impacting prayer breakfast.

Our Full List Of Recognised Projects

Empowered Faith Communities
Building self-sustaining communities with those doing life tough.
Hope Filled Bags
A creative way to respond to food insecurity in the local community
Caring For Ex-Offenders
Helping reintegrate ex-offenders into society.
Stable One
Churches working together to impact homelessness.
mainly Ministries
A creative, fun support group for families.
Kids Hope
Providing mentors to school children experiencing vulnerability.
Community Foodcare
Food for people and families in need.
One-to-one mentoring and support services.
Circuit Breaker
Helping churches stop domestic violence in communities.

The Replication Communityidentifies best practice church-led community projects that could also be run by other local churches.

We then support those community projects to replicate through other local churches to enable them to transform communities and to save them from having to reinvent the wheel.


The NAYBA Impact Audit is a tool to enable churches to work together in order to measure their social and economic impact in their community or city.

The evidence is published to create new opportunities for the church to partner with government, business, media and other sectors of civic society.

Impact Audit Key Findings

The number of people in need served in the past 12 months – equivalent to 12% of the population of Whitehorse
The amount of social impact value to the City of Penrith & Mt Druitt 2770 each year.
The number of people in need served in the past year – nearly a quarter of the total Frankston population.
The amount of annual social impact value with over 140,000 interactions with people in need each year.

Our Board

Advisory Council

We have two Advisory Councils working in partnership, one in Jersey and one in Guernsey.

In Jersey the Advisory Council consists of:

Tim Bond
(Pastor of Freedom Church)

Rev Canon Paul Brooks
(Vicar of St Paul’s Anglican Church & Vice Dean of Jersey)

Rev Graeme Glover (Chair)
(Minister of St Columba’s Church of Scotland)

Cathy Le Feuvre
(Producer/Presenter for BBC Jersey)

Jean Le Maistre, MBE
(former Senator of the States of Jersey)

Terry Le Sueur, OBE
(former Chief Minister of the States of Jersey)

Malcolm Lewis

In Guernsey the Advisory Council consists of:

Phil Eyre
(CEO of Leaders Consultancy)

Rev Jon Honour (Chair)
(Vicar at Holy Trinity, Guernsey)

Jonathan le Tocq
(Minister for Foreign Affairs)

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