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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Helping Churches Transform Neighbourhoods

NAYBA United Kingdom activates and resources churches to better love their neighbours and transform their neighbourhoods.

We help local churches to replicate best-practice community projects, measure social impact and providing sustainable solutions to poverty.

How we help...
Listening Hubs
Helping churches provide safe places in the community.
The Beehive
Helping the church create a visible community presence.
Prayer Breakfast
Creating space for church and civic leaders to meet.
A book dedicated to helping your church community project multiply.
A book to help churches transform their communities.
The Spirit Of Enterprise
A workbook for faith-inspired entrepreneurs

Our Board

Advisory Council

Carl Beech (Chairman)
Tim Anderson
Antony Aris-Osula
Gary Atkins
Matt Bird
Girma Bishaw
Simon Heron
Paul Lloyd
Mark O’Donoghue
Noel Robinson
Chrisha Sathiyaraj
Neal Stanton
Martin Storey
Sian Wade
Ricky Wright

Board Secretary

Sophie Green

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