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East New York
Showing huge impact the faith community has in East New York.
Washington Heights & Inwood
Demonstrating the impact of the church on society.
United Kingdom
South Africa
United States
Transformation Course
An interactive companion to the Transform book.
Peaced Together
Helping women restore their lives.
Paradigm Shift
Helping the church equip entrepreneurs with training and mentoring.
Mainly Music
A creative, fun support group for families.
Helping churches address mental health needs in their community.
The Spirit Of Enterprise Course
Learn how to create solutions to poverty through enterprise.
Guernsey Welfare Centre
Creating a hospitality and refuge venue for those in need.
One-to-one mentoring and support services.
A book to help churches transform their communities.
Adopt-A-Police Station
Building genuine relationships with the local police station.
The Spirit Of Enterprise
A workbook for faith-inspired entrepreneurs
Project Mask
Helping provide coronavirus protection to key workers.
Insight into the collective social impact of the church.
Westville Churches Foodbank
Reducing food poverty and strengthening communities.
Stable One
Churches working together to impact homelessness.
Circuit Breaker
Helping churches stop domestic violence in communities.
Community Foodcare
Food for people and families in need.
Enterprise Clinics
Monthly online clinics to encourage and coach entrepreneurs.
Listening Hubs
Helping churches provide safe places in the community.
The Beehive
Helping the church create a visible community presence.
Prayer Breakfast
Creating space for church and civic leaders to meet.
De Rustplek
The Resting Place - temporary shelter in homes.
Job Seekers Forum
Helping churches create employment pathways.
Back to School Cleanup Campaign
Transforming local schools with practical help.
A book dedicated to helping your church community project multiply.
A 12 week course to help people find freedom.
Kids Hope
Providing mentors to school children experiencing vulnerability.
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