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Dubbelgoed (Double Good) is a way for churches to help care for both people and for the environment through collecting and sorting quality second-hand clothing, accessories and children’s toys, and offering them for free to vulnerable people in the neighbourhood.

Dubbelgoed is a recycling and pastoral care initiative from the VEZ Church in Zwolle in the Netherlands. Its “double good" because it is good for both people and for the environment.

Good for people: Through their giveaway shop and fairs, people can get clothes, shoes, accessories and toys cheaply or for free.

Good for the environment: all goods are recycled, no extra raw materials, manufacturing, electricity and transport needed to produce new clothing, how beautiful is that!

  • Dubbelgoed organises a clothing fair twice a year;
  • Dubbelgoed has a clothing sorting centre and a giveaway shop;


To replicate this project your church will need:

  • People and families who find themselves in financial need
  • A lead volunteer who is a gifted facilitator
  • A system for appealing and acquiring clothing, toys and accessory donations
  • A system for quality checking, cleaning and sorting through all donations;
  • A team of at least 5 volunteers with various skills, including organisational / admin, social media, food & fashion sense, and a heart for helping people,;  


Steps to run this project:

  1. Recruit a lead volunteer  
  1. Secure a space for sorting clothing and other donations
  1. Secure a suitable space within your church or neighbourhood to run a small shop
  1. Recruit and train suitable volunteers to assist in the shop
  1. Set dates to run an annual or bi-annual fair, where goods can be sold and funds raised
  1. Ongoing friendship and pastoral support for those in crisis

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