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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift helps the local church to transform the lives of those who have chosen entrepreneurship as a way out of poverty, by equipping micro-entrepreneurs with business training, mentoring and discipleship.

The church identifies a Point Person, who is trained to recruit and train a group of 5 other volunteer trainers. With a target community in mind, they run an introductory One-Day Business Experience Course (once or more times), before selecting the best micro-entrepreneurs to proceed through a 9-week journey of business training and discipleship.

  1. Identify a Point Person (Lead Volunteer)
  2. Recruit a Volunteer Team of 6
  3. Train the Volunteer Team
  4. Invite micro entrepreneurs from the community
  5. Train micro-entrepreneurs


  • A team of six volunteers with business experience
  • A free Saturday(s)
  • A training venue
  • A second target community
  • A desire to coach entrepreneurs in small business skills
  • An ability to prayerfully disciple others in faith
  • A Paradigm Shift Training Kit

“It was God who placed the dream in my heart to see entrepreneurs in poor communities break free from poverty. Commissioned by my church, I was just a Christian businesswoman with a burning dream in my heart. I started meeting with entrepreneurs every Monday evening and although I wasn’t really sure what we would be able to accomplish …. And I realize, this was the birthing place of many new dreams.”

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