Prayer Breakfast

A Civic Prayer Breakfast helps the church understand the most pressing needs of their community and host an event in a civic building to pray for community transformation.

Case Study: In the UK we supported local churches in more than 50 local government areas to host events in civic buildings to pray for the wellbeing of the community. We ran a national campaign calling churches across the nation to work together to host Civic Prayer Breakfasts to pray for their towns and cities. The Times newspaper ran a story with the headline ‘Civic leaders start praying to renew towns and cities’.


  1. Team: Form a team of people who will make the NPB happen including strategic relationship builders, prayer mobilisers, event organisations and public relations.
  2. Plan: Create a roadmap of civic engagement, prayer mobilisation and event planning leading up to the CCPB.
  3. Relationships: Build one to one relationships with strategic civic leaders and find out what keeps them awake at night.
  4. Prayer: Mobilise churches in a rhythm of prayer for the transformation of thedifferent sectors of community.
  5. Event: Host a NPB event in a civic building to pray for the wellbeing and transformation of the community and its leaders.

Once communities host their first NPB it often becomes a part of their annual calendar explaining that it is the most strategic event in their year.


  • Unifying the church with a great sense of common purpose for transformation.
  • Focusing the church’s civic engagement on the person of Jesus Christ
  • Positioning the church as strategic community stakeholder and partner
  • Increasing the boldness and the confidence of the church in their faith
  • Strengthening the role of faith in civic life
  • Praying for the ‘peace and prosperity of the city’ (Jeremiah 29:7)

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