The Spirit Of Enterprise

Do you want to discover an idea that you could turn into a money making business?

Are you someone with an idea that you’ve always wanted to get off the ground?

Would you like to create employment opportunities for others as well as yourself?

If so The Spirit of Enterprise Book is for you.

Use the book to guide you through seven steps to starting a transformational business in your community.

Author Matt Bird, founder of NAYBA and foreword by Henry Kaestner, founder of Faith Driven Entrepreneur and Faith Driven Investor.

A book that is a catalyst for change.
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Peaced Together
Helping women restore their lives.
A 12 week course to help people find freedom.
Stable One
Churches working together to impact homelessness.
Kids Hope
Providing mentors to school children experiencing vulnerability.
Back to School Cleanup Campaign
Transforming local schools with practical help.
Job Seekers Forum
Helping churches create employment pathways.
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