Transformation Course

The Transformation Course (known as the Cinnamon Transformation Course) captures over a decade of hands-on experience helping local Churches transform their Communities. It adds substance to our Transform eBook by walking you through each chapter, with interactive reading, listening, observing, reflecting and quiz steps.

You will also have the opportunity to set some personal goals which will help you in your own transformation journey. Once you complete the course, you’ll be able to join other participants in an eCommunity where we can learn from one another and swap great stories of Jesus at work where we are.

The course is currently free to access and can be found at this link.

Insight into the collective social impact of the church.
Peaced Together
Helping women restore their lives.
Circuit Breaker
Helping churches stop domestic violence in communities.
Adopt-A-Police Station
Building genuine relationships with the local police station.
Mainly Music
A creative, fun support group for families.
The Spirit Of Enterprise Course
Learn how to create solutions to poverty through enterprise.
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