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Helping churches transform neighbourhoods

Jesus said, 'love your neighbour' and that is what NAYBA helps the global church to do.

NAYBA provides churches with practical help and resources to equip them to better love their neighbours and transform their neighbourhoods.

Our global goal is to partner with 35 nations, to help 35,000 churches demonstrate Jesus' love in tangible ways to 3.5 million people.

If your church would like to receive support from NAYBA please contact us.

How we help...
Innovative training that distills years of transformation experience.
Recognised Projects
Proven projects that churches can use freely to engage their community.
Our events help churches work better, together and with civic partners.
Insightful and inspiring content to encourage churches.
Enterprise Hubs
Resources to help the church encourage business, entrepreneurs and enterprise.
Impact Audits
Helping churches measure and demonstrate their social impact.

Neighbourhoods transformed by the life and love of Jesus

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