Recognised Projects

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker helps local churches enable ordinary people to stop domestic violence in their communities. It does this through a ten week course that meaningfully engages with perpetrators of domestic violence in a solution-focussed, shame-free way.

Circuit Breaker provides a full ten week package that any local church can use. The course has manuals and teaching videos, which means that volunteer group facilitators do not need to be teachers or counsellors, instead they are free to focus on building relationships and leading small groups discussions.

Watch a video from Matt Boulton, the founder of Circuit Breaker, describing the project:

  • Compassionate Church Volunteers
  • Online Facilitator Training
  • Provider’s Licence
  • Course Manuals
  • Free Online Videos
  • Prompt Online Support

Each Circuit Breaker group needs two trained facilitators, and each will need to order their own copy of the Facilitator Manual from As participants are accepted for registration, they will also need to order their own copy of the Participant manual (required for group work, exercises & homework).

  1. Select volunteers who can love the people Circuit Breaker is designed to help.
  2. Go to and follow the links to the online training school (Fees waived on all enrolments up to September due to Covid-19).
  3. Complete Facilitator Training Course & Provider’s Licence (Free for now).
  4. Have your new facilitators (two per group) order their Facilitator manuals.
  5. Schedule a ten-week block, launch your online Circuit Breaker program, and start changing lives in your community.

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