Impact Audits


NAYBA has developed a system to measure and report the collective social impact of the Church in local communities – we call it the NAYBA Impact Audit.

Our approach, and the data it provides, has helped transform the relationship between churches and civic leadership in communities around the world. It has also positively shifted perceptions about the role and value of the church in society.

Australia has just published its first NAYBA Impact Audit in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. The results offer powerful evidence that ‘faith really is a force for good’.

Behind the numbers is the story of a region where people genuinely care about one another, where the least are not forgotten, and where faith organisations play an active role in the community.

Adopt-A-Police Station
Building genuine relationships with the local police station.
Circuit Breaker
Helping churches stop domestic violence in communities.
Kids Hope
Providing mentors to school children experiencing vulnerability.
Community Foodcare
Food for people and families in need.
Peaced Together
Helping women restore their lives.
The Spirit Of Enterprise Course
Learn how to create solutions to poverty through enterprise.