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Kids Hope

Kids Hope helps the local church adopt a local primary school and provide mentors to children experiencing vulnerability.

Volunteers give one hour a week to help children increase their resilience, confidence and well-being, bringing care and hope to children in need of extra support.

Kids Hope provide a researched and evidence-based mentoring model with proven effectiveness. Local churches are trained and resourced to deliver the mentoring, they are also supported with recruiting and screening help, network gatherings, outcome evaluations and assistance to facilitate partnerships with local schools.

An hour a week for a lifetime of lasting change, find out more at or watch this message from CEO Gail Cameron.


Is the one mentor, one child model. It is significant as a child feels special knowing that the mentor is there just for them. With that in place, follow the below steps to produce trust, confidence, resilience and hope for children!

  • One volunteer coordinator
  • Training materials
  • Volunteer mentors
  • Link to online mentoring resources
  • One child, One mentor, One hour a week (during school term)
  1. Assign a volunteer coordinator
  2. Coordinator is trained to recruit, screen and train mentors
  3. Coordinator leads in-church recruitment of mentors using Kids Hope recruitment resources, including video
  4. Coordinator meets with school principal to share Kids Hope mentoring opportunity using Kids Hope promotional resource pack for schools
  5. School selects students and matches are made with volunteer mentors
  6. Mentor meets with child in school one hour a week during the school term (always in the line of sight of staff for safety)

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